Corridor Lion

February 19, 2018

Chris, Spivey, and Matt discuss Dude Paladin and the machinations of Wild.


Still Running Corridor Creeper Because You Meant To

February 11, 2018

Ziggy, Spivey, Chris, and Matt discuss lying about card selections on stream, refusing deck names outright, and missing lethal.


Woke Lever

February 4, 2018

Chris, Spivey, Ziggy, and Matt discuss the impeding balance changes, forgetting about Reno in Wild, and poor Spiteful Summoner summons.


Ladder Changes

January 28, 2018

Chris, Spivey, Matt, and Ziggysera discuss the impending changes to the ladder in March.


Random Bits

January 21, 2018

Chris has a conspiracy theory, Matt gets caught eating on mic, and Spivey thinks you should still be running Doomguard in Control Warlock.


Nowhere to Go but Up

January 14, 2018

Chris, Spivey, and Matt talk about the first week of UHL, struggling with plays, and the importance of RTFC.


UHL Revealed

January 7, 2018

Spivey, Matt, and Chris welcome Derrick back on to the show to discuss the UHL in greater detail, as well as some silly tech in Aggro Paladin and Control Warlock.



December 31, 2017

Spivey and Chris welcome Ziggysera on to the show for a pretty cool announcement to kick of 2018!  And they talk about Paladin.  A lot.



December 25, 2017

Spivey and Chris ask the eternal question: is it easier to play ladder during the holidays?


Patching the Pirate

December 17, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome @aulowry on to the show to discuss everyone's favorite 1/1 with Chaaaarge.