The Dungeon Runs

December 10, 2017

Spivey played a lot of dungeon runs and Chris uses the word "sick" to describe something.


Understanding Your Opponent’s Deck

December 3, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt discuss Packsmas, Warlock Zoo in Wild, and reducing bad habits to improve your own play.


Casty McPodface

November 26, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Botticus from Coin Concede on to the show to discuss Warlock Zoo and Handbuff Paladin.


Managing Tilt

November 19, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Michael on to the show to discuss mentally healthy Hearthstone habits, managing tilt, and the best Wild Hunter deck in the format.

Michael's article:

Wild Giant Hunter:



New Look, Same Great Taste

November 12, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Ben from to talk about Paladin, Rallying Blade, and the allure of new logos.


Post-Con Before the Storm

November 5, 2017

Spivey, Matt, and Chris talk Kobolds and Catacombs, Con Before the Storm, and the fear of the things you love going away.



October 29, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt completely forget that they had Andrew from the Happy Hearthstone on the show before.


51% Will Get You There

October 22, 2017

Spivey, Chris, and Matt welcome Derrick on to the show to discuss the next 1600 Dust Open, abysmal win rates, and Con Before the Storm.


1600 Dust Open Registration:



One Devolve Too Many

October 15, 2017

Chris deletes all of his decks.  Matt plays something other than Shaman.  Spivey backed the wrong Bonemare in HCT.  Nicholas awkwardly hands Brian Kibler a business card.


Maybe She’s Born with It, Maybe its Bonemare

October 8, 2017

Chris and Spivey welcome Bryan on to the show to discuss EZ Big EZ Priest and Warlock Zoo.