Odds & Evens

April 15, 2018

Chris, Spivey, Ziggy, and Matt start a turf war about whether Odd or Even Paladin is the better deck (it's Odd).


Blasting Zone Ahead

April 8, 2018

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Mike Lowe from The Clock podcast on to the show to discuss Mind Blast Priest and tribal identity in Hearthstone.


Another Legend that Isn’t One of Us

April 1, 2018

The crew welcomes Nate Wolfe from the Into the Wild podcast to congratulate him on his newly achieved Legend status, amidst other personal accomplishments.


Spending Some Time Away From the Ladder

March 25, 2018

Spivey, Ziggy, Matt, and Chris spend some time away from the Standard ladder and find it greatly improves their time with the game.


Impending Set Rotation Blues

March 18, 2018

Chris, Spivey, Ziggy, and special guest Red Knight stage an intervention on Matt.


Dragon Package

March 11, 2018

Chris, Spivey, Ziggy, and Matt discuss playing Spiteful Priest and voice their opinions on whether Kingsbane Rogue is a real deck or not.  Spoiler: it's not.


Control Priest

March 4, 2018

Chris, Spivey, and Matt talk Control Priest and ladder structure changes.


Paladin is the New Shaman

February 25, 2018

Ziggysera, Spivey, and Chris discuss the end of the UHL regular season, losing to OTK Paladin, and Murloc/Secret Hybrid Paladin in Wild.


Corridor Lion

February 19, 2018

Chris, Spivey, and Matt discuss Dude Paladin and the machinations of Wild.


Still Running Corridor Creeper Because You Meant To

February 11, 2018

Ziggy, Spivey, Chris, and Matt discuss lying about card selections on stream, refusing deck names outright, and missing lethal.