Know Your Role 2017 - Paladin

July 16, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Zerotio to the show to kick off Know Your Role 2017 with the Paladin class.

The music for this year's Know Your Role is:

  • 1600 Dust, by Beefy
  • Produced by Doc Pop
  • Mixed by tanner4105

What’s the Deal with Death Knights?

July 9, 2017

Spivey, Matt, and Chris welcome Jason onto the show to discuss how far free to play can take you, Aggro Shaman, and what being a Death Knight means.


The RNG Episode

July 2, 2017

Love it or hate it, RNG is a part of the game.  Join Chris, Spivey, Matt, and guest @SaltySux as they talk about RNG.  There's a 50% chance this episode will not play for your.  That's RNG, baby!


What is a Twilight Elemental?!

June 25, 2017

Chris and Spivey welcome Moritz (@MoritzGarbanzo) to the show to discuss Dragon Priest, Spark's Token Shaman (, and panic at playing the wrong Paladin.

Intro music courtesy of


Casual Rank 7

June 18, 2017

Chris, Spivey, Matt, Ziggysera, and Boris the Podcasting Cat are together in the same room to discuss Elemental Control Paladin and The Ben Brode Flannel Collection.




Bo Sauce

June 11, 2017

Spivey, Matt, and Chris welcome Dan (@Zhandaly) from the Competitive Hearthstone Sub Reddit to discuss how hot dogs make you win championships, cramming Token Druid tech into Paladin builds, and curating a community on the Internet.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Ragecraft

June 4, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Brad onto the show to discuss ragecrafting Ragnaros, Lightlord and Token Shaman.


The Pink Dinosaur

May 28, 2017

Chris and Spivey talk Token Druid and Midrange Paladin.


Sweaty Streamer Palms

May 21, 2017

Chris, Spivey, and Matt welcome Duane from onto the show to discuss streaming, when you want a Rag shot to go face, and Secret Mage.


Pauper Hearthstone

May 14, 2017

Matt, Spivey, and Chris welcome Lars onto the show to discuss his second place finish in the 2nd 1600 Dust Open.